Srsly, come and see!
January 17, 2021

Srsly, come and see!

Passage: John 1>43-51
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Come and see.

When Nathaniel expressed his doubt about whether a poor rabbi from Nazareth could be the Promised One of God, Philip didn't tell him about the inspiring worship, or the food, or the healing, or the wisdom of Christ. He simply invited him to "come and see."

He knew that all it would take was for Nathaniel to experience Jesus.

As followers of Christ, we often have the opportunity to invite others. In fact, it's one of our deepest callings: to invite others into relationship with Christ. But too often, our invitation centers around programs, or worship styles, or sermons, or studies. Our invitation is to come to CHURCH, not to come to Christ.

When we invite others to "come and see," assuming we ARE inviting others, what do they see when they come? Is it Christ? Or something else?

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Srsly, come and see!

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