Snack time for Jesus
April 18, 2021

Snack time for Jesus

Passage: Luke 24:36b-48
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The resurrection demonstrated once and for all the power of grace over the grave. Christ Jesus rose from the dead, showing all of creation that God's redemptive work was complete, for then, and for all time.


Christ has died. Christ is risen. Christ will come again.


There is a temptation to look at the life and the ministry of Christ as pre- and post-resurrection realities. To say that Jesus accepted humanity to be born, grow, live, and die, and that it was something other than humanity that emerged from the tomb.


The Gospel reading for this Third Sunday of Easter reminds us that, in Jesus, humanity and divinity were, and remain, intertwined: a demonstration of God's love for, and empathy with, all of us. For then. And for all time.

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