Just stop!
September 26, 2021

Just stop!

Passage: Mark 9:38-50
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Almost 20 months into this pandemic, so many things have changed. Our lives are different. Our work is different. The way we socialize is different. The way we travel is different.
The way we worship is different.
Many churches never stopped in-person worship. Many churches have resumed in person worship. Many remain virtual; many others, like ours, are now hybrid, in-person worship paired with a live stream that has some degree or capacity for interaction with remote participants.
In most cases, even when full live worship in-person has resumed, worship feels different. Looks different.
How many churches have stopped passing the collection plate? How many have stopped passing the peace during worship?
How many have stopped “coffee hour”?
For many of us, this isn’t what we grew up with. But that doesn’t make it bad. Just because something is the way we’ve always done it… doesn’t make it bad… or wrong. Sometimes, doing something different, out of the ordinary, new, not the way we’ve always done it is a blessing.

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