It ain’t stealing if it’s being given away
June 27, 2021

It ain’t stealing if it’s being given away

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The constant refrain through Christian worship is the gift of Grace, God’s unmerited love, given to us through God’s loving action in Christ Jesus.

However, no matter how many times we hear that it is God’s pleasure to give us a Grace we don’t deserve, and can’t earn, sometimes we still fill like that Grace isn’t for us. That, because we don’t deserve it, in accepting it we’re pulling the wool over God’s eyes.

Like we’re stealing something.

Beloved, be assured, you can’t fool God, and God’s gonna keep giving us grace, not in spite of the fact that we don’t deserve it, but specifically because we don’t deserve it.

It’s God’s gift to us, and it’s not stealing if it’s being given away.

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