Context is everything
October 3, 2021

Context is everything

Passage: Mark 10:2-12
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Imagine this: you’re out, pretty much minding your own business, when you see someone slam violently into someone another man, knocking him to the ground, and falling on top of him as they struggle.

Pretty shocking! Until you remember you’re at a football game.

You see two people in each other’s faces, screaming, and one reaches back and slaps the other, as hard as she can.

Yikes! Well, until you remember you’re in a theater, and these are actors in the play you’re watching at the theater.

There are a lot of things we can see, or hear, or read, that seem to teach us, tell us, show us, one thing… until we step back and see them in context.

That’s true for everything. Maybe for scripture more than anything else.

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